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Italy Job Visa For Bangladesh 2022

Italy Job Visa For Bangladesh 2022 Has Been Published. The recent labor shortage in Italy has led to a comparatively low unemployment rate. This increase in unemployment has also been coupled with a rise in immigration from Bangladesh, as well as other East Asian countries. The Italian government is currently seeking to enact a measure called the “Job Visa” which would allow skilled migrants from Bangladesh and other countries to enter the country, and work for two years. After this two-year period, they would be given the opportunity to apply for residency and Italian citizenship.

It’s finally happened — the Italian government has established a worker visa policy for Bangladesh. The Italian government has allowed Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan to apply for a Italy Job Visa For Bangladesh 2022 that allows workers to both immigrate and work in Italy.

The Italian cabinet has approved the sponsorship of 69,700 workers from around the world. This is for Italy’s 2022 Work Permit Visa, Italy Job Visa Krishi for Bangladesh 2022, and Italy Krishi Visa 2022 Apply Online.

This time, 69,000 workers from 32 countries will be able to come and work in Italy. Besides the seasonal and non-seasonal quotas, workers from Bangladesh and other countries will be allowed to come and work in Italy. Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Korea (Republic of Korea), Ivory Coast, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Philippines, Gambia, Ghana, Japan, Guatemala, India, Kosovo, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius, There are Montenegro, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Northern Macedonia Republic, Senegal, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tunisia, Ukraine.

In the summer, the government will issue an additional 27,700 work permits for non-seasonal employees and self-employed workers. Of this number, 20,000 are for people employed in road transport, construction, and tourism (hotels).


This year, the Italian government will bring in 42,000 workers on seasonal visas. The reason is that the country’s agriculture industry was hit hard by a bad year for crops. The visa process for seasonal workers is much easier than that of non-seasonal ones; thus, more workers will be brought in. 12 years ago, it was much easier to get a visa. The last two years have been difficult. Although there are only 12 thousand spots from the listed countries. If there’s extra, Bangladesh can be short on 1 thousand visas.

Applications will be accepted starting January 27, 2022, for self-employed workers and those who convert their current residency permits. Seasonal workers can apply to start February 1, 2022.

Employment is a year-round process, but some types of workers must do the job application themselves. Employers must apply for seasonal jobs and non-seasonal jobs. However, self-employed workers and those converting to permits must complete their own process.

To apply for the permit to stay in Italy, you need an Italian SPID electronic ID. This is only available to residents of Italy. Therefore, no foreigner can apply for a permit to stay in Italy.

The application form for your job in Italy should include where you will be living, as well as any employment contracts or licenses you need to show.

Italy Job Visa For Bangladesh 2022

Application Process

If you wish to apply for a work visa in Italy, do it as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment. Applications will be accepted until 17 March 2022 and will be processed by the Immigration Office in the order in which they will accept. This means that it is important to start the visa application process as soon as possible after the publication of the quota list.

In Bangladesh, most people are accepted as refugees within minutes. However, if a refugee comes after the quota is filled or their application is completed incorrectly, their application is rejected. Refugees cannot apply twice or twice in the same year.

When you get your work permit, you must start working. As a citizen of a foreign country, you need three main documents to live and work in Italy. The first document is the work permit (Nulla Osta), the second document is the work visa, and the third document is the residency permit (Parmeso de Sogiorno).

If you are granted a visa, you must apply for a visa with the Italian embassy or consulate in your country of origin before you travel to Italy. Once you arrive in Italy, you will have entered the country with a visa.

The Parmeso di Sojourn is the residence permit you must get within eight days of arriving in Italy on a visa. The police will give it to you after you apply at your local station. It will allow you to stay in Italy legally.

Six months is the time limit that you have to enter Italy. In this period, you can go to the police or Kastura and apply for a residence permit.

If you want to know more about visas and residency permits, you can ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy. You can contact the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy of Bangladesh in Italy or the local police office.

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